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Semi Permanent Makeup Lane Cove


Cosmetic tattooing, also known as micro-pigmentation and permanent make up, offers colour, definition and enhancement to natural features. There are a number of methods and these will be discussed in your consultation. All treatments begin with a comprehensive consultation to ensure an end result you can be proud of. 

Our highly qualified cosmetic tattooist Meae has trained with renowned global industry experts and has performed hundreds of cosmetic tattoo and microblade procedures to satisfied customers. Using only the best pigments and equipment, she achieves amazing results that look natural.

We are all individuals and have different ideas of what we want. Regardless of your current brow shape, hair, lack of hair, no hair, alopecia we can create beautiful symmetry in a perfect colour to suit you. Permanent Makeup is the most transformative feature on the face because they frame your eyes, determine expression.

Microblading Blows Cosmetic Tattoo Permanent Makeup Sydney


The Microblading brow technique is designed to give you the most natural looking brows that have a highly manicured look. It will not look like make-up but like hairs. This type of brow is perfect to enhance a brow with some shape and existing hair. 

You can expect around 12 to 18 months of beautiful colour and shape before you want a colour boost. A top-up treatment is required after 4 to 6 weeks to perfect the shape and colour after the initial healing period. 

*Microblade brows may not be suitable for all skin types, 3D shaded brows will be recommended to those who are not ideal candidates.

Approx 2hr and 30mins

Ombre Shaded Brows Cosmetic Tattoo Microblade Sydney

Ombre Shaded Brows

This type of brow offers you a strong tail and mid section to your brow, creating a strong shape while the front of the brow remains light and soft.

This softens the tattooing effect to give your face a naturally and beautifully framed look, without a solid start to the brow. Perfect for people who have some brow hair but want a good brow shape and colour. Touch up treatment is required 4 to 6 weeks after your first treatment.

You can expect 18 to 24 months of beautiful colour and shape before you want a colour boost. A top-up treatment is required after 4 to 6 weeks to perfect the shape and colour.

Approx 2hrs and 30mis

Powder Fill Brows Cosmetic Tattoo Sydney


Powder-fill brows is a more traditional brow type and is ideal for anyone who has previously had permanent make-up, this due to its highly pigmented coverage.

It is able to cover brows that have faded to unwanted colours like orange, blue or green, and anyone who requires brow correction work for previous cosmetic tattooing. It is also perfect for anyone with little to no hair that is wanting to make sure that they have a no fuss, no worries perfect brow.

You can expect around 24 months of beautiful colour and shape before you want a colour boost. A top-up treatment is required after 4 to 6 weeks to perfect the shape and colour after the initial healing period.

Approx 2hrs and 30mins

Combination Brows Cosmetic Tattoo Permanent Makeup Sydney


A combination of powder and feathering to work with your natural brow, providing a delicate, voluminous finish.

This is a full procedure of microblading at the front and mid section of the brow joining to the top arch and tail and a full procedure of highly pigmented machine work for a strong brow.
This is to make sure the colour is strong enough, and the shape is still on point.

You can expect 12 to 18 months of beautiful colour and shape before you want a colour boost. A top-up treatment is required after 4 to 6 weeks to perfect the shape and colour after the initial healing period.

Approx 2hrs 30mins

Permanent Eyelash Enhancement Eyeliner Tattoo Sydney

Permanent Eyelash Enhancement (Eyeliner Tattoo)

Love the look of liner, but hate having to apply in everyday? Permanent Eyelash Enhancement is just the solution you are looking for.

It can be frustrating trying to draw your liner on perfect daily, or combat the smudging that can happen during the day. Choi Lash and Brow offers both traditional and stardust styles of Eyelash Enhancement to suit your taste and eye shape.

Our Eyelash Enhancement technique can make your lash line appear darker and thicker. This service heals very soft and natural, and is not a full-on thick eyeliner. Each liner is individually drawn and shaped perfectly to the client’s natural eye shape.

Approx 1hr and 30mins

Designed Wing Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo Microblade Sydney

Designed Wing Eyeliner Tattoo

Perfectly designed and applied semi-permanent eye makeup enhances the eyes’ contour and shape. Skilfully selected techniques can visually enlarge smaller eyes or adjust the size of bigger eyes, as well as make eyes appear more oval, almond shape.
The perfect permanent decorative eyeliner beautifully emphasises the eyes contour and it is always individually designed to create an amazing final effect. 

Generally, this Permanent Makeup technique results in more dramatic final look. Carefully selected pigment is applied in the shape of a thicker line on top of the previously enhanced eyelashes ended with the perfectly finished flick.

Approx 2 hrs

Lip Blush Cosmetic Tattoo Sydney Lane Cove


Enhancing the appearance of natural lips using a subtle pixel technique for improved definition, creating an illusion of fuller lips. Ideal for those satisfied with their lip shape but desiring a minimalistic lip tint. The technique involves either harmonising with your natural lip colour or gently applying a soft shade of your choice.

Approx 2 hrs 30 mins

Permanent makeup you can be proud of


This initial cosmetic tattoo consultation is a key aspect of our service, as it allows us to tailor your treatment to meet your specific needs and preferences.

During this consultation, we focus on understanding your desired outcomes to ensure that the final procedure aligns perfectly with your expectations. We believe in offering a personalised approach to each client, and this consultation is the first step in achieving the look you desire.

Please note, the initial consultation not an actual treatment, It is a consultation and assessment for your suitability for further eyebrow tattoo and microblade treatment. There is a $50 fee for the initial consultation which will be credited towards your cosmetic tattoo treatment.

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